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Meet Dr. Mark Lee
Dr. Mark Lee
Dr. Mark Lee graduated from Life School of Chiropractic in Marietta, GA in 1993 with a Doctor of Chiropractic degree.  He has practiced for over 16 years in private practice in southeast Tennessee.  Dr. Lee has owned and operated 3 clinics in that time which range from chiropractic only clinics to a multi-disciplinary of which he directed physical therapists and a medical staff including a physician.  

While in high school, Dr. Lee was injured playing sports and consulted and treated with a chiropractor who enabled him to not miss any games or practice.  This experience along with playing baseball at a collegiate level inspired him to become a chiropractor himself. 
Dr. Lee had worked with patients of all ages including newborns just a few hours old to those more advanced in years and all ages in between.  He works with athletes from little league to professional as well to help them stay on the field and perform at their optimal level.  Many athletes utilize his service not because of pain but to make sure their bodies are balanced and their nervous system intact so they can optimize their performance.  Dr. Lee focuses on the function of the body and restoring it back to its optimal health while preventing future problems.  Dr. Lee’s wife and three children are also adjusted by him on a regular basis.

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