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STRESS Can Make You Sick!!

Anyone who have ever walked away from a severe auto accident and later ended up with a migraine headache and possibly upchucked their dinner knows that stress can affect the entire body as well as the mind.

We have pretty well come to accept that ulcers and emotional upsets are connected. We also tend to connect excess work stress with heart attacks.

Whenever we are subjected to fear, worry, hatred, anger, jealously, etc., our glandular system secretes hormones into our blood vascular system. Most people are aware that whenever we experience fear or anger, our adrenal glands will secrete adrenaline for "fight or flight."

We see animals react to stress by contracting their spinal muscles, which makes their fur stand up. In us humans, our taut, contracted unrelaxed muscles can cause back and neck pains, chest pains, arm and shoulder pains, etc.

Prolonged stress resulting in partially contracted muscles can cause the spine to curve and twist somewhat like sucking the thumb could cause the front teeth to protrude. While drugs may help to relax the muscles, they do not undo the damage to the spine and nervous system which may be causing chronic or severe aches and pains.

We may not be able to totally avoid stress in our life, but we can cope with it much better with regular exercise, balanced meals and chiropractic adjustments to help restore our nervous system back to normal.


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